The digging commences as plans for the rubbish dump continue, even though residents of Lefkimi and surrounding villages protest everyday.
It is alleged, the dump, first intended for Paxos, was blocked by members of Greenpeace. It’s not wanted at the north of the Islands because of the villas. So now it’s has been dumped on Lefkimi.

All refuge from the island and Paxos will be brought to the site and dumped. Including medical waste (Does Corfu town hospital even have an incinerator?)

The residents of Lefkimi would not be protesting if the planned rubbish dump was built to EC regulations and included a recycling plant. (Why do we have blue recycling bins around the island when there is no recycling plant?)
Papers from the European Union state that the landfill has to be 1.500 meters from the nearest residential area or river.
Fact: The rubbish dump is only 300 meters away from the nearest residence and a shocking 50 meters away from a stream. The site is also in the middle of a greenbelt agricultural land where olive trees are.

The European Union has given a huge grant so this site can be built to correct speciation, but where is the money going if corners are being cut?

A spokesperson for the English community of Lefkimi said she has contacted Green peace, WWF, BBC news, Sky news, Mega, Ant1 Europe, with emails and daily calls to local television stations. Echo Corfu/WWF has sent flyers and information and has given their support to the cause.

“They thought they could get away with it. They didn’t think we would stick up for our rights.
St Peters, which is part of Kavos, one of the biggest tourist resorts in Corfu, will eventually close due to health hazard and pollution. Within five years, the methane gas would have built up and will need releasing. Pollution like this shouldn’t be any where near children and residents.”

It’s not just about the damage to the environment, tourism will be affected.
Kavos is just starting to rebuild its name as more than an 18- 30’s resort. However, if this rubbish dump is permitted, St Peters, Kavos, could disappear altogether. In the summer, the stench will be so bad; no travel agent is going to book tourists to stay in Kavos.
With two rivers close by, how long will it be until the tap water becomes so polluted, you can not bath in it.

Protesters closed down the Town Hall for two days and in retaliation, the two Lefkimi nurseries were shut and rubbish was lining the streets and mounting up as refuge trucks were stopped from collecting in Lefkimi.


“There have been huge marches and people standing in the rain demonstrating day and night, but no one cares enough to report and film the demonstrations. Not once has the spokesman for the opposition been interviewed. There are no camera and reporters present. But that will not stop the residents of Lefkimi getting their voices heard.”

Although the demonstrations have been reasonably peaceful, police have been accused of excessive force and feel the need to protect the site with three riot vans and police adorned in riot gear.

At the end of January, the issue goes to the Greek courts for a formal hearing. However, this hearing has now been delayed six times. Unfortunately, the case has to go through the Greek courts before it can go to the European Union courts. You would think they would want evidence that the money is being well spent.

It is alleged that the EC were sent overhead black & white photos of the proposed site, which dated back to 1974. Before Melikia, St Peters and Kavos were established.

Villagers will continue to protest and demonstrate and hope to get their voices heard. A further rally has been organized in Corfu town at the end of the month, and demonstrations will continue outside the site and the Town Hall.


The English community of Lefkimi